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Happy New Year - 2022

You are a constant co-creator and whatever story you write is what you put out into the universe as it is all energy and energy has no boundaries. It continues through infinity and yes, you are more powerful than you know!

I always say your body tells the story of your life. Every time you step onto your yoga mat, you have an opportunity to re-write your story in the most beautiful and Divine way as you move that energy through the chakric system. It literally changes the frequency of the energy, which is why you feel so good. It brings you back to your Divine state of being. It is the most powerful energy of love when practiced in a way that does not disrupt that. Remember, energy has no boundaries. (Basic science.) You are sending that powerful energy of love through the universe. Isn’t that what humanity needs most right now? YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL CO-CREATOR.

Never in the history of mankind, have we had the opportunity we have now, to make this the most beautiful world. Let’s consciously write that story.

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