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Gretchen has been doing energy healing since 2008. She is certified in Reiki Usui, Reiki Seichem, Akashic Record Reading, and Sontre'. The main modality she uses is Sontre', incorporating others along with it.


Sontre' is a powerful energetic healing modality that has been attuned to 2012 and beyond. Divinely healing your past, present, and future, and all lifetimes, life cycles, and dimensions.


"Science states all matter is energy, including ourselves. Keeping our energy body and system open, flowing, and balanced is key to good health and wellbeing. I have the ability to see, feel, and move energy, removing blockages, and getting to the root cause of those blockages to keep your energy moving as it should."


She is available for in-person or remote healings.

Energy Healing 


"Gretchen has an amazing gift! I come to her hurting and heavy both physically and emotionally. She is able to find and clear blockages and restore balance. I can literally feel the energy begin to flow through my body. After her sessions, I always leave with a clear mind and an open heart. The heaviness is replaced with a light floating feeling and I feel a deep sense of peace. 

Gretchen is one of the kindest most compassionate people I know...always willing to give of herself and share her wisdom. I’m blessed to call her my teacher and friend. "


"The first time I had Gretchen do energy work on me was in her yoga class during savasana.  She came over and sat down next to me and started "working" on me.  I had my eyes closed and didn't know what she was doing. I started to feel heat and pain in my pelvic region and waves of what felt like currents of electricity running through my body.  The pain in my pelvis was mild at first and then she whispered a question to me about

something that had happened to me which she could never have known. It was a specific question and I was blown away. The pain in my pelvic area intensified to the point where I thought I was going to scream and at some point (remember I am lying down in a dark room in savasana with other people) it burst and the pain was gone. Tears started rolling out of my eyes without any control on my part. I couldn't have stopped them if I tried. t was a steady stream. When class was over, I felt three things:  relief, light, and deeply calm. I asked her what she had done to me and she told me that I was holding onto trauma and she released it. I had never been to anyone for energy work nor did I know anything about it. I didn't understand that you can carry emotions and trauma in your body. That experience made me a believer.


If you have any physical issues and nothing else has worked, please try Gretchen. She helped me in less than 15 minutes. She can see your problems in your body and can get to them and help you release them. All you have to do is allow her to come in."


 "My first introduction to Gretchen was through a reader I had been seeing for a few years and deeply trusted. She introduced her as “the absolute best” and she was not wrong. From the first time I laid on the table, I felt immediate relief and release of emotions I had been carrying and holding onto for years. Some of these emotions (energies) I had tried for three years to heal on my own through yoga, meditation, journaling, release, and shadow work. Those things helped a great deal in my healing journey, however, there was something stagnant left I just could not move and release on my own. As she began working on me I felt things I hadn’t felt since being a child. I remembered flashbacks that I hadn’t thought of since living those moments in true time. For the first time in three years, I was able to feel full fueled energy back in my heart chakra. I had been through some very toxic relationships with my mother, as well as an ex-spouse to name a few. So toxic it not only left my heart shut down, it left me doubting what I knew to be true vs. not true; the results of gaslighting from narcissism. When I left that day I left most of my self-doubt behind too. My third eye was awakened once again and I was able to “see” the truth and trust my inner compass. Life is all about balance. When we are able to find balance in our souls we not only find love and healing, we find our true authentic selves, thus finding true peace. Not only was stagnant energy moved and cleansed to help me feel lighter and free emotionally, I felt physical effects too. Without telling her any of my ailments she went straight to my left knee and knew there was healing needed. As cliche as it may sound, I truly felt instant relief. The inflammation was decreased drastically and heat had returned to my toes. She was also instantly able to note areas in my neck and back where trauma had remained stored physically for years. As I have continued on my earth journey I work with Gretchen as my main healer to help me stay in balance, peaceful, and true to myself. If you’re looking for healing or release with unconditional love, Gretchen is who you need.


Through my healing sessions with Gretchen many wonderful transformations have ensued.  Gretchen creates a healing container and safe space for me to relax into the receiving of a rich alignment.  I have come to her with emotional issues, physical issues, recognizing and altering behavior patterns, and many other needs and she has helped me in all these areas. During the healing session Gretchen shares information she is reading from my body which provides me enormous insight, the ability to go deeper into the healing and to know with greater clarity.  The effects of the healing go beyond the session as I integrate and am nourished by the return of flowing energy.  Gretchen is a true blessing in my life. I am grateful to have met this highly intuitive teacher and healer.

For me, midway into an energy session is like the deepest savasana or meditation.  The second half is different each time, but always raises connections (new and old) to think through.

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