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Spiritual Teachings and Meditations

Gretchen is available in-person or online to teach on many topics.

Choose from one below or contact her to discuss other options.

what is your life purpose
self love
Examples of Other Teachings
  •  Giving and Receiving, the Push and the Pull

  •  Reaction vs. Responsibility

  •  Stuck in the Intellect

  •  Reciprocity

  •  Be the Light that You are

  •  Awareness

  •  Engaging in the Heartbeat of God

  • .Energy 101

  •  Knowledge

  •  Lies, Addictions, and Insecurities

  •  Carnal to Cosmic

  •  Chakras

  •  The Perspective of the Light of God

  •  The Head is not Separate from the Heart

waterfall meditation
feel the breath meditation
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