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"Yoga is a scientific method that brings us back to our homeostasis. It is an energy healing modality that uses the geometric shapes that everything in creation is created from. It balances the elements within you. It opens the flow of energy through the chakric system.


You were created from absolute perfection.   Let go of the idea that yoga is an exercise. If practiced as it is intended, it will take care of your physical body, your mental body and your emotional body.  

It is a road map. You are the navigator with your free will. A yoga teacher is not teaching you. A yoga teacher is presenting opportunities for you to explore yourself, reconnect to all that it is and come back to your absolute perfection. "

~Gretchen Robinson

Yoga Classes

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All classes are live via Zoom and Tuesday morning is also available in person.

All classes are a 90-minute flowing vinyasa class with an emphasis on holding, aligning, and breathing in the postures, and include pranayama and meditation.


"Each posture is a sacred geometric shape that all of creation is created from. When you align in the posture and link it with your breath, you are vibrating with the energy of Source and it creates a beautifully harmonic song between you and Source."

Sign up for the monthly membership and receive unlimited yoga, 46 live classes, and recorded classes daily.

Private Yoga 

Corporate Programs

Contact Gretchen to discuss ways to implement yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and breathwork for your corporation/organization.

Yoga for Educators

Practice with Gretchen one-on-one. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs, no matter the body. Gretchen works with all age ranges, all body conditions, whether it is an amputee, rehabbing injuries, recovering from surgeries, or to advance your yoga practice, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

These classes are available in-person or online.

This program is a comprehensive, simple program that educators will be trained and certified in, to have tools to enhance students' physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.


"Gretchen has been my teacher in the most physical yoga to some of the most subtle, inner yoga. I've learned so much from her about pranayama, meditation, energy, asana, alignment, teaching, seeing with clear eyes, to know myself, dharma, what dedication to yoga is and looks like, what caring for students is.  How to truly be of service as a teacher, what being grounded in your energy is, and how it helps you and everyone around you. The presence, sacredness, honor of yoga, groundedness, grace, and safeness that permeates the studio exists there because Gretchen extends it from herself to the studio and beyond."


"No one understands how to get energy flowing and to heal bodies like Gretchen.  Period.  Mic drop. Even via zoom Gretchen can sense when someone is blocked and evolves the session to meet those particular needs.  I've seen Gretchen's expert teaching help others and experienced this unique gift myself on numerous occasions."


 "A few years ago I was having a lot of trouble with my back. Compressed discs and sciatica. I thought I might have to limit my yoga and that was depressing. I went to an orthopedic doctor who sent me to a neurosurgeon who recommended surgery. Not wanting to go there I tried acupuncture, physical therapy and a chiropractor. As it turns out, I should have asked for Gretchen's help first. I had a few private sessions with her and she wrote out some poses I should be doing daily. She also pays close attention to my alignment during practice. Within 4 months, I was so much better. The sciatica was gone. I will always be grateful for her knowledge and devotion to the practice."


"Gretchen has a special way of providing you what you need when you need it. The way I feel when I am with her or taking one of her classes is so special. I know I'll be met with truth, grace, and a sense of humor. Her energy is pure, radiant, and timeless."


"Thank you Gretchen for putting in the time, over and over and you dream in yoga speak?? You have made my life deeper, more loving, more hopeful, more energetic, and more full of faith.

I am deeply grateful to you."


"Gretchen is a fantastic teacher. Her meticulous attention to detail in the poses has allowed my body to strengthen and my mind to expand in ways I never imagined. Gretchen leads by example. One only needs to observe her moving through the world to see the true practice of yoga."


"I took my first class with Gretchen in 2002 and she has been beside me in all I do since then. Her lyrical "chataranga" sustained me during the two years I was in China. I could not wait to return. She has taught me that change is growth and change is the journey. I love her!"


"I loved Gretchen and her determination and focus on yoga 20 years ago but I had no idea the depth of her soul, compassion, love and desire to help others back then. She is an amazing instructor, enlightened and compassionate and true to the real practice. Everyone who truly "gets" yoga and all it's energy and power, LOVES Gretchen. She not only "gets it" but she has a desire o help others get it and to truly change their lives from their relationship with all aspects of yoga. I have had many teachers over the past 20 years but Gretchen's voice is the one in my head when I am practicing. I am honored, grateful, and blessed to have had her as a teacher. Not everyone gets that privilege in this life."


 "I always have Gretchen with me when I struggle or find myself resisting something and I hear her say, "there's your work". I have a heart that is full, full, full of gratitude for my Original Guru."


"Gretchen was my first yoga teacher and I have learned so much about yoga, alignment, energy, etc. from Gretchen. I have such appreciation and gratitude to Gretchen for the environment she has created at the studio and for all that she offers her students."


"I feel so grateful to Gretchen as a teacher and friend. Her gentle presence and confident wisdom have helped me through many life challenges."


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