Gretchen is a yoga studio owner, currently online during Covid, and has spent the last two decades practicing yoga and sitting at the feet of many gurus, including yoga masters, world-famous healers, shamans, and more which has given her a unique voice to share and infuses that knowledge into her teachings and energy healing.

"I get moved to tears out of love and respect for all the teachers that have come before me and those that will come after me. It is my greatest honor to share the gifts of my experiences and knowledge, having faith that it will help raise the consciousness of all of humanity."

She is co-founder, facilitator, and author of Inner Knowledge, a yoga and

mindfulness training program for educators.


Walk in Victory Podcast Interview 

Gretchen was invited to be a guest speaker on the Walk in Victory podcast to discuss mindfulness, mental health, and how energy plays a part in all of that. Be patient through the beginning with commercials, etc! It keeps picking up throughout the podcast!

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February 1st -11th.

Kim Johnson and I will be leading you through The Purity & Totality of Yoga and How it Expresses Through Your Body Immersion. This is for yoga teachers and practitioners who want to take this deep dive with us. This will be a magical 11 days of devotion into the immersion, February 1st -11th. Reach out to me or Kim for more information or to sign up. Spaces are limited.

Fortier Well-Being Sedona Retreat June 3rd -7th, 2022

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